Property Insurance

We also insure other properties, including apartments, condos, mobile homes and property owned by your business. Ask your agent for a quote.

Home Owners – Your home is likely that part of your life where you will invest the most over the years, and therefor you should have comprehensive coverage that meets all of your home needs. We have a wide range of companies that we will work with to bring you the best coverage price possible. Whether you need structural coverage, liability protection, protection of your personal belongings or additional living expenses coverage, we can work with you to get a plan right for you. Call us today to start building a homeowners policy that will help protect one of your greatest investments.

Renters – As a renter, you need coverage that works for your lifestyle and covers all of what matters most to you. Our insurance agency will work with you to find a plan that covers you in almost any scenario. We can help you protect all of your personal property within your rental home. We can help you protect yourself and guests within the rental home if someone is harmed or someone damages your property. If you feel you need more coverage, it can also be added into a personal umbrella liability insurance to make sure what you want covered, is covered.

Seasonal/Rental Homes– While you may not spend a large portion of the year at your rental home, it is still important to you and should be covered just the same as any home. Whether you need flood insurance or protection of your personal property, we can figure out a comprehensive plan that works for you. To learn all of the ways we can help cover your seasonal or rental home, give us a call or send us a message right here on our website.

Commercial Property – Each business is unique and we understand each business needs an insurance plan that is catered to them. At Keuka Insurance Group, we can help you protect your property in a plan that fits your needs. We can help protect you property with flood insurance, building insurance, business income insurance, and many more. To start building a comprehensive plan today, give us a call or message us and we will start helping to protect your business today.

We proudly represent the following carriers: